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The Policy on Assessment of Student Learning (PASL) will come into effect
in Fall 2024!

McGill instructors must ensure that assessment practices are in alignment with PASL by the beginning of the Fall 2024 term. Many instructors already have assessment practices that align with PASL and will only have to make minor adjustments. Need help? Find preparation tips, resources, and support for implementing PASL.

Preparing for PASL

Now is the perfect time to try assessment for learning in an assignment for your course. Here are some suggestions:

  • Aim to make each assessment task an opportunity for students to deepen their learning.

    Learn more about assessment for learning.
  • Allow students to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways.

    Provide a diversity of tasks, for example, presentations, reports, posters, projects, or exams. Learn about planning different assessment tasks.
  • Give students early and ongoing feedback.

    Frequent (often low-stakes) practice opportunities allow students to demonstrate their learning, and frequent feedback lets them know how their learning is progressing. See an example of how to break down a writing assignment into stages.
  • Set clear expectations for students’ work verbally and in writing.

    Make sure your students understand how to succeed at assessment tasks in your course. Write meaningful criteria for how to assess students’ learning and share them with students before they submit their work. Learn more about assessment criteria.
  • Use assessment tools to communicate expectations.

    Consider designing a rubric. Get started with Rubrics: The basics and learn how to create rubrics in myCourses.
  • Engage students in a dialogue around assessment.

    Have class discussions with students about their understanding of expectations and criteria.

PASL implementation resources 

Check out these resources to help you align your assessment strategies with the new Policy:  

NEW! Examples of assessment tools

Find a bank of example rubrics and other assessment tools used by McGill instructors that you can use for inspiration and adapt to your course context.

Assessment for learning 

Assessment for learning is the key concept and rationale behind PASL.

Assessment criteria  

Under PASL, instructors must provide clear criteria on how an assessment task will be graded. 

Inclusive assessment

Equitable and inclusive assessments are coherent with assessment for learning and are designed to ensure fair and effective ways of measuring student learning.


Under PASL, participation is considered an assessment task, regardless of how much it is worth. Students will benefit from a clear understanding of how their participation grade is calculated.


The well-being of both students and instructors is foundational to PASL, and promoting “healthy learning environments” is one of its guiding principles.

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Get targeted support designing assessment strategies in time for PASL implementation. Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) offers both individual and unit/program consultations on a variety of teaching and learning topics.

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New resource! Examples of assessment tools

Find a bank of example rubrics and other assessment tools used by McGill instructors that you can adapt to your course context. Learn more.

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Hear from students about the kinds of assignments they feel support their learning in this video series.

As part of this project, we surveyed students on their perceptions of learning and compiled assessment strategies for instructors.

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