Aortic Clinic

Why you need to be followed by an Aortic clinic?


Diseases affecting the entire aorta, are complex illnesses that must be continually monitored to prevent the risk of death. From the aortic valve to the blood supply of the pelvic vasculature our multi-disciplinary team of experts that includes cardiologist, cardiac surgeon, vascular surgeon and other specialists such as geneticist, we provide:

  • A multi-disciplinary approach to comprehensive care for patients with diseases of the aorta
  • A genetic screening for families of those with genetic disorders, such as Marfan syndrome
  • An Ongoing research and education to provide patients with high-quality and innovative therapies
  • In addition to conventional surgical therapies, we also offer endovascular approaches


When should I see my doctor:

  • If you experience any acute symptoms suggestive of a thoracic aneurysm:
    • Sudden onset of chest pain or back pain
    • Sudden onset of belly and /or back pain
    • Feel light headed
  • Anyone with an identified thoracic aneurysm should be carefully monitored in a scheduled surveillance program, managed by your doctor or an aortic specialist
  • All men 65-80 and all women who have smoked or have heart disease and are between 65-80 should have an abdominal ultrasound to rule out an abdominal aneurysm
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