Joint Honours

Joint Honours students must maintain a GPA of 3.50 in their program courses and, according to Faculty regulations, a minimum CGPA of 3.00 in general.

Required Course (3 credits)

The Joint Honours thesis should be determined in consultation with advisers from both Joint Honours components programs. Normally, the thesis is 6 credits of coursework with 3 credits applying to each Joint Honours component.  

200 Level
A maximum of 12 credits of Anthropology (ANTH) courses at the 200 level.


300 Level
A minimum of 6 credits of Anthropology (ANTH) courses at the 300 level (only one 3-credit Special Topic course at the 300 level is permitted).


Core (350 Level)
A minimum of 9 credits of core courses at the 350 level selected from:


400/500 Level
A minimum of 6 credits of Anthropology (ANTH) courses at the 400 or 500 level (maximum of one 3-credit Special Topic course at the 400 level).


Students interested in Joint Honours should consult an adviser in their other Department for specific course requirements. A form will be supplied by the Anthropology Department to keep track of courses required by both departments for the program selected.

Students who wish to study at the Honours level in two disciplines can combine any two Joint Honours Components from the Arts Faculty.

Prior to registering for each Joint Honours component, students must see advisers in the respective departments for approval of their selection. Departmental advisers will only approve combinations that are feasible, given the nature of the research project that would be involved. Students who neglect to obtain prior approval may jeopardize their graduation.

For the Honours project, students register for a 3 credit, ANTH 491 - Joint Honours Thesis , course. For information on the requirements for the other discipline making up the Joint Honours program, consult the department concerned.

For more information on these programs, consult an appropriate adviser on the Undergraduate Committee of the Department, through the Student Affairs Administrative Service Center, in Leacock Building, room 712, tel: 514-398-6868.