MA Programs

The Master's degree offers advanced-level training in anthropology, including socio-cultural anthropology and archaeology. It provides students with instruction in theory and method required to do anthropological research as well as the opportunity to carry out independent fieldwork.

We offer several MA Thesis programs:

  1. MA in Anthropology. (Socio-cultural and Archaeology)
  2. MA in Medical Anthropology.
  3. MA with the Development Studies Option (DSO).
  4. MA with the Gender and Women's Studies Option.
  5. MA with the Environment Option. *The Graduate Option in Environment will be not offered in 2024-2025.

The ideal time for completion of the MA is approximately two academic years. The first year entails the completion of the course requirements and the presentation of a research proposal. The research itself is normally done during the summer. The second year is devoted to the writing of the thesis which ideally should be submitted in time for the spring.

We also offer the MA Non-Thesis - The Master's Non-Thesis provides an intensive, course-based training in the fundamentals of anthropological theory and methodology over three semesters. The program is designed as a rigorous and comprehensive preparation for subsequent specialization in sociocultural anthropology, archaeology, or medical anthropology at the PhD level.

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