Letters of Recommendation

Any student or former student who would like to request that Professor Jones write a letter of recommendation or act as a reference needs to submit the following materials to her at least three weeks in advance of the deadline:

1. a copy of your cv;

2. an unofficial copy of your transcript, if relevant;

3. a list of courses (and year enrolled) you have taken with Professor Jones, if relevant;

4. a copy of a research paper or article that you think it a good sample of your work (preferably one you wrote for Professor Jones, but also relevant to the application in question);

5. a copy of the cover letter or statement of intent/research proposal you will submit to the internship/job/graduate program/fellowship, and any other relevant information about why you deserve this position/award;

6. a list of the addresses [preferably email not snail mail if the latter can be avoided] and dates by which the letter(s) must be received and/or URLs for electronic submission;

7. any forms that need to be filled out (make sure you complete any necessary sections and sign if required)