Media@McGill International Colloquium | Aisthesis and the Common: Reconfiguring the Public Sphere


Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, CA

Media@McGill’s international colloquium Aisthesis and the Common: Reconfiguring the Public Sphere will take place at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal on March 18 and 19, 2016.

The event is free and open to the public. Bilingual interpretation services will be provided to the public in attendance. The entire colloquium will be livestreamed.


Dominique Cardon, « Internet et la représentation du commun » [FR]
Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, “On Love and Gardens: the Life of Art Exhibitions” [ENG]
Pierre Dardot, « Le sens du commun » [FR]
Adriana de Souza e Silva, “Creative Appropriations: Mobile Interfaces in Art, Games, and Education” [ENG]
Frances Dyson, “(Non)Economies of Sound: Experimental Sound and the Common” [ENG]
Gerard Goggin, “Disability Commons: Culture, Technology, and New Publics” [ENG]
Romeo Gongora, « Commun Commune » [FR]
Caleb Kelly, “Intervention and Isolation: Sound in Public Art Space” [ENG]
Marsha Meskimmon, “Materializing Transversal Worlds: The Question of Cosmopolitan Public Art” [ENG]
Nadia Myre, “The Scar Project” [ENG]
Jean-Luc Nancy, « Le Sens commun : Essai de réinterprétation » [FR]
Dietmar Offenhuber, “Mining the Public Sphere – Technologies of Transactionalization” [ENG]
Nikos Papastergiadis, “The Cosmopolitan Scene in Contemporary Art” [ENG]
Marjetica Potrč, “The Soweto Project: Ubuntu Park” [ENG]
John Paul Ricco, “Edging, Drawing: Queer Spatial Praxis of the Common” [ENG]
Nermin Saybaşılı, “Magnetic Istanbul” [ENG]
Santiago Zabala, “Emergency Through Aesthetics” [ENG]