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Canvas Undergraduate Colloquium


Arts 160, Arts Building, Montreal, QC, CA


Please join us for the first annual Canvas Undergraduate Colloquium, hosted by Canvas: McGill's Undergraduate Journal of Art History and Communication Studies. There will be four research presentations by published students, followed by a wine and cheese launch for the 16th printed edition of Canvas. Come to hear important original research, meet students and professors in the department, and pick up a copy of the journal!


Presentations (6-7 pm):

Elena Lin
"L'Infiniment Petit and Monstrous Social Anxieties: Envisioning Disease in Fin de Siècle Culture Through the Eyes of Odilon Redon"

Sylvie Schwartz
"History and Social Consciousness in the Medium and Material of Kara Walker's Silhouette Installations"

Quinn Lazenby
"Zero Feet Away: How Grindr Has Impacted the Gay Community"

Erika Kindsfather
"Between Memory and Progress: Negotiating Infrastructure and Innovation in the Nottingham Contemporary Building"


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