Theses & Dissertations


Asgari, Meisam. "Modeling and analysis of self-assembled hierarchical nano-structures: Wormlike micelles, toroidal bundles, open lipid bilayers, and collagen fibrils" (PhD)


Kazemirad, Siavash. "Wave propagation methods for the experimental characterization of soft biomaterials and tissues" (PhD)


Bakhshaee, Hani. "Computational models of human and animal larynx and vocal folds" (PhD)

Khadivi Heris, Hossein. "Investigation of a hyaluronic acid-gelatin crosslinked microgel-hydrogel extracellular matrix for superficial lamina propria restoration in scarred vocal folds" (PhD)

Miri Ramsheh, Amir Kamal. "Mechanical characterization of vocal folds using a multiscale study" (PhD)

Gong, Hao. "Numerical study of jet noise generated by turbofan engine nozzles equipped with internal forced lobed mixers using the lattice boltzmann method" (Master's)

Armstrong, Daniel. "Towards the design of low-noise aircraft landing gears using the lattice Boltzmann method" (Master's)


Najafi-Yazdi, Alireza. "Large Eddy Simulation of Sound Generation by Turbulent Reacting and Nonreacting Shear Flows" (PhD)

Chan, Alfred. "Vocal fold vibration measurements using laser Doppler vibrometry" (Master's)

Young, Jonathan. "Determination of impact stress on the superior surface of Ex-vivo porcine vocal folds using digital image correlation" (Master's)


Bufi, Nathalie. "Identification of soft tissue material constants using tailored finite element model based regressions" (Master's)

Robb, Jennifer. "Study of impact stress in physical models and human vocal folds from high-speed video" (Master's)


Wang, Shuangdong. "Simulation and analysis of water transport from the human larynx during speech production" (Master's)