Principal Investigator

Photograph of Lab Director Luc Mongeau

luc.mongeau [at] (Professor Luc Mongeau)

Research Interests: Tissue engineering, Biomechanics, Voice production, Aeroacoustics, Computational fluid dynamics

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Research Associates

Antonia.lagos [at] (Antonia Lagos Villaseca) 

Research description: My research focuses on the clinical aspects of otolaryngology, with an emphasis in laryngology, and on simulation training for surgical skills. Current projects include the development of simulation training programs for laryngology procedures, and harvesting primary cells from vocal folds for basic and translational research on vocal fold regeneration and novel drug development for laryngeal disorders.

Background: Medical doctor (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile), Specialist in Otolaryngology (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile), Assistant professor (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile), and research scholar (University of California San Francisco). Currently completing the Laryngology Fellowship at McGill University.

kaustuv.basu2 [at] (Kaustuv Basu) (Labmanager)

Research description: Investigating the importance of hyaluronan in vocal fold regeneration and engineering novel hydrogel using natural products to treat vocal fold disorder.

PhD Students

alicia.reyes [at] (Alicia Reyes) 

Thesis: Artificial Cells for the Regeneration of Vocal Fold Lamina Propria

Sara.nejati [at] (Sara Nejati) 

Research description: My research interest is focused on developing novel in situ 3D printable hydrogels for vocal fold regeneration.

Background: I received both my M.Sc. and B.Sc. degrees in Biomedical Engineering (Biomaterials) from Amirkabir University of Technology (Iran).

Swen.groen [at] (Swen Groen)

Research description: My research is on the development of surgical tools and equipment which could be used for in situ bioprinting. Previously I worked on test equipment to measure the fracture toughness of different tissues, for the application of research on needleless injections.

Background: Masters in biomedical engineering (University of Groningen). Bachelor in life science and technology (University of Groningen)


Master's Students

alda.profka [at] (Alda Profka)

Research description: My research compares electrical resistance and capacitance measurements through a cell monolayer taken from traditional transwell assays with those from a simplistic microfluidic chip. I'm mainly interested in studying the blood-brain barrier since its dysfunction leads to pathology in various neurological conditions

huiyi.chen [at] (Huiyu (Bella) Chen)

Research description: Existing hydrogel bioadhesives are weak, brittle, and difficult to deliver in a precisely targeted adhesive zone. To overcome these challenges, we used fiber-hydrogel interactions to strengthen and toughen the resulting composite bioadhesives while enabling patternable adhesion. This work is potentially useful in many healthcare applications and as a novel strategy for the design of bioadhesives.

Thesis: Patternable adhesion of tough bioadhesives through fiber-hydrogel interactions

Background: Bachelor of Engineering Science in mechanical and material engineering, University of Western Ontario


madeleine.liblong [at] (Maddy Liblong)

Research description: Research involves studying the cellular and mechanical properties of engineered tissue models subject to needle-less injection

Background: Previously completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) at Queen’s University. Studied mechanical engineering with a specific focus in biomechanics


zi.x.he [at] (Zixin He)

Research description: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at McGill University, 2016-2020. Started Master of Science in Engineering in 2021. Joined this lab in 2017. Worked on a biomimetic vocal fold bio reactor, a biomimetic mechanical lung, the characterization of a needleless jet injector versus a traditional hypodermic needle, and the assessment of aerosol emissions in a dentistry clinic. Current projects include the assessment and optimization of the acoustic output of a synthetic jet piezoelectric actuator, and the design of a microfluidic biochip for parallel culture of lung organoids.

Thesis: Characterization and control of non-linear vibroacoustic emissions of a synthetic jet piezoelectric actuator

Background: I mostly clean and tidy up the lab because my research experiments are done else where.


Undergraduate Students [at] (Bernadette Ng)

Research description: I am working on the development of a phonomimetic bioreactor and the design of a pulsatile air flow modulation device for lung-on-a-chip.

Background: Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering



Postdoctoral Fellows

Alireza.najafiyazdi [at] (Alireza Najafiyazdi)

Research Interests: Computational Turbulent Combustion; Computational Aeroacoustics; Large Eddy Simulation (LES).

hossein.khadiviheris [at] (Hossein Khadivi Heris)

Research Interests: Mechanobiology; Biomaterials Engineering; Regenerative Medicine; Biomechanics.

meisam.asgari [at] (Meisam Asgari)

Research Interests: Mechanics of collagen; Constitutive modeling and mechanical characterization; Atomic Force Microscopy imaging and force measurements.

rani.taher [at] (Rani Taher)

Research Interests: Design, optimization and performance evaluation of thermoacoustic cooling systems; heat-transfer characteristics of thermal devices using Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence (PLIF); high-resolution velocity fields measurements using time-resolved and phase-locked Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV).

Photograph of graduate student Rani Taher

PhD Students

ahmad.jamal [at] (Ahmad Jamal)

Research Interests: The objectives of my research are to develop a 3-D coupled nonlinear model for an enclosed flexible cylindrical structure in axial flow, investigate the effects of confinement and eccentricity on its physical dynamics under different boundary conditions, develop a 3-D simulation model in the software ADINA, and perform confinement experiments to validate the theory.  

Thesis: "Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Cylinder Dynamics in Confined Channel Flow".

alireza.najafiyazdi [at] (Alireza Najafiyazdi)

Research Interests: Computational Turbulent Combustion; Computational Aeroacoustics; Large Eddy Simulation (LES).

By creating new models and innovative algorithms, I try to provide automobile manufacturers and aerospace industries with high-fidelity, massively parallel codes necessary for the design and multidisciplinary optimization (MDO) of more environmentally friendly products. In particular, my research involves the use of Large Eddy Simulation (LES) and hybrid Reynolds Averaged-LES for turbulent combustion and aeroacoustics.

Thesis: "Large Eddy Simulation of Sound Generation by Turbulent Reacting and Nonreacting Jet Flows".

amir.miriramsheh [at] (Amir K. Miri)

Photograph of graduate student Amir K. Miri

Research Interests: The mechanical characterization of biological soft tissues, multiscale modeling of soft materials involving large deformation and nonlinear laser scanning microscopy of biological tissues and biomedical materials.

Thesis: "Mechanical Characterization of Vocal Folds by a Multiscale Study".

guangyu.bao [at] (Guangyu Bao) 

Thesis: Phonomimetic Functionalization of Multicellular and Multilayered Vocal Fold Grafts

hani.bakhshaei [at] (Hani Bakhshaee)Photograph of graduate student Hani Bakhshaei

Research Interests: Computational fluid dynamics using the Lattice Boltzmann and Finite Element models; image processing with 3D reconstruction of the larynx and vocal folds and overlapping high-speed camera images, CT scan and MRI data; high-speed imaging of porcine excised larynges and rubber models of vocal folds. 

Thesis: "Computational models of human laryngeal flows".

hossein.ravanbakhsh [at] (Hossein Ravanbakhsh) 

Thesis: Mechanobiological Behavior of Fibrous Composite Hydrogels for Vocal Fold Tissue Engineering

kaveh.habibi [at] (Kaveh Habibi)Photograph of graduate student Kaveh Habibi

Research Interests: I am working on the design of aircraft noise suppression devices by Large Eddy Simulation(LES) of turbulent flows inside the turbofan engines.

meisam.asgari [at] (Meisam Asgari)

Research Interests: Nonlinear elasticity, and large elastic deformation of biological soft tissues.

Thesis: "Modeling and analysis of self-assembled hierarchical nano-structures: Wormlike micelles, toroidal bundles, open lipid bilayers, and collagen fibrils".

mostafa.najafiyazdi [at] (Mostafa Najafiyazdi)

Research Interests: Large-Eddy Simulations (LES), explicit filtering, approximate deconvolution models, jet noise simulation, mesh adaptation

Research Description: My research is focused on extending the application of explicit spatial filtering schemes to unstructured Large-Eddy Simulations (LES) using Approximate Deconvolution Methods. One major challenge is the definition of a well-defined spatial filter which is not only a-stable, but also goes to zero at the grid cut-off wavenumber at any point in the mesh. Extension of such filter for bounded geometries is another difficulty which not only should maintain the level of accuracy but also should have minimum possible commutation error with numerical differentiation operators. The goal of this research is to provide unstructured flow solvers with a suitable means for high-order LES capabilities to capture jet noise simulations.

neda.latifialavijeh [at] (Neda Latifi)Photograph of graduate student Neda Latifi

Research Interests: Experimental and computational biomechanics with an emphasis on soft biological tissues, nonlinear finite element methods, the biomechanical characterization of soft biological tissues, and constitutive (multiscale) modeling of solids at finite strains.

rayane.aitoubahou [at] (Rayane Ait Oubahou) 

Thesis: Lobed Mixers: An Investigation of the Near Flow-Field and Associated Far-Field Noise Radiation using the Lattice Boltzmann Method

fatemeh.taheri [at] (Sareh Taheri)

Thesis: Effect of Vascular-Like Channels on Cellular Behavior and Phonatory Characteristics of a Novel 3D Printed Phono-Mimetic Vocal Fold Bioreactor

sepideh.mohammadi [at] (Sepideh Mohammadi) 

Thesis: Injectable hydrogel for the treatment of vocal fold scarring

shahin.amiri [at] (Shahin Amiri)

Photograph of graduate student Shahin Amiri


Research Interests: Thermoacoustic refrigeration and thermal design of heat exchangers.

Thesis: "Heat transfer characteristics of heat exchangers in standing wave thermoacoustic refrigeration systems".

siavash.kazemirad [at] (Siavash Kazemirad)Photograph of graduate student Siavash Kazemirad

Research Interests: Wave propagation methods; vibrations and acoustics; biomechanics; mechanical behavior of biomaterials.

Thesis: "Experimental wave propagation methods for the characterization of the frequency-dependent viscoelastic properties of soft tissues and biomaterials".

yasser.rafat [at] (Yasser Rafat)

Research Interests: Rayleigh streaming acoustic flow interaction with streamline structures in a standing wave acoustic resonator. Employing PIV, we try to characterize the flow interactions and their effect on the performance of a thermoacoustic refrigerator.

Thesis: "Experimental study of streaming flows in acoustic standing wave tubes".

zhengdong.lei [at] (Zhengdong Lei)

Research Interests: My research mainly focuses on human vocal system (subglottal, glottis and vocal tract) modeling and simulation, acoustic signal processing and analysis. I am also trying to find a non-invasive means to acquire human voice data for daily dose by using a Glottal Notch Accelerometer (GNA) attached on neck surface.

Voice type discrimination screened data

Thesis: "Voice detection and classification by utilizing a neck-surface-attached accelerometer".

Master's Students

Photograph of graduate student Alfred Chanalfred.chan [at] (Alfred Chan)

Research Interests: Vocal fold mechanics using laser Doppler vibrometry, experiments performed in vivo and on excised larynges.

Thesis: "Vocal Fold Vibration Measurements using Laser Doppler Vibrometry".

caroline.shung [at] (Caroline Shung)

Research Interests: Analysis of cellular behavior and tissue regeneration in the presence of biomimetic materials, computational modelling

Thesis: Developing an agent based model for vocal fold inflammation and wound healing.

Photograph of graduate student Daniel Armstrongdaniel.armstrong2 [at] (Daniel Armstrong)

Research Interests: Working with new CAA software in order to predict and minimize the noise emissions from flow past airframe components.

Thesis: "Numerical simulations of flows over aircraft landing gears".

Photograph of graduate student Hao Gonghao.gong [at] (Hao Gong)

Research Interests: Using computational fluid dynamics to predict and minimize jet noise for the purpose of optimizing design.

Thesis: "Three-Dimensional Jet Noise Prediction Using Lattice Boltzmann Method".

haoqing.liu [at] (Haoqing Liu) 

Project: Application of Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes in Human Vocal Fold Treatment

marguerite.jossic [at] (Marguerite Jossic)

marius.muller [at] (Marius Muller) 

Thesis: Rayleigh Wave Method for Measuring the Frequency-dependent Shear Modulus of Soft Biomaterials

pooya.saberi [at] (Pooya Saberi) 

Thesis: Effect of Tissue Material Properties on Fluid-Structure Models of Human Phonation

vahid.noohi [at] (Vahid Noohi) 

Research Interests: Amongst diverse group of fields that mechanical engineering has to offer, I find design and manufacturing fascinating. I have always been passionate about pursuing my graduate studies in bioengineering. During my Undergraduate years I had the opportunity to study composite materials in great details. The nature of this experience has been very important in defining my Master's project in the field of bioengineering. The main goal of my research project is to introduce singular micro chitosan fibers into the glycol-chitosan hydrogel matrix in order to facilitate cell mobility and migration. This scaffold will be used for treatment of vocal cords’ scars. Wet-spinning was selected as a method of manufacturing due to its efficiency and low cost of production.

Undergraduate Students

christina5198 [at] (Christina Chen)

christina.moro [at] (Christina Moro)

Projects: Three-dimensional reconstruction of the larynx and vocal folds using high-speed Imaging, CT scans and MRI.

ghulam.murtaza [at] (Ghulam Murtaza)

jasmin.wong [at] (Jasmin Wong)

Project: Immunohistochemistry on tissue slides.

juan.henao [at] (Juan Felipe Henao)

Projects: Three-dimensional reconstruction of vocal folds using image analysis software; Finite Element Modeling of vocal folds.

justin.armagnat [at] (Justin Armagnat)

Projects: Clinical measurements, LDV at glottal notch and inverse filtering for the Rothenberg mask.

chanwoo.yang [at] (Justin (Chanwoo) Yang)

Project: Biomedical Engineering and biomechanics.

kelsey.mcgivern [at] (Kelsey McGivern)

Project: Mechanical simulation of phonation and development of synthetic vocal fold models.

madonna.ibrahim [at] (Madonna Ibrahim)

maxence.coulombe [at] (Maxence Coulombe) 

merlyn.christopher [at] (Merlyn Christopher) 

miral.toufaili [at] (Miral Toufaili) 

leon.johnson [at] (Leon Johnson)

Projects: Mechanical simulation of phonation; Development of synthetic vocal fold models.

liam.meade [at] (Liam Mead)

Project: Vocal fold bioreactor.

ryan.tiensingyoung [at] (Ryan Tien Sing Young)

Project: Biomedical Engineering particularly biomaterials and biocompatibility.

rohit.gopinath [at] (Rohit Gopinath)

scott.park [at] (Scott Park)

Projects: Fabrication of perfusion bioreactor models, Functional analysis of rabbit vocal fold vibrations.

yun.li4 [at] (Yun Yvonna Li)

Project: Agent based modeling of wound healing in the vocal folds.

Zhe.li2 [at] (Sophie Zhe Li)

Projects: Image processing with high-speed camera images; electroglottography; 3D reconstruction of the larynx and vocal folds with MRI data.

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