Jasmin Zine

Professor, Sociology and Muslim Studies Option, Wilfrid Laurier University

Jasmin Zine’s research and teaching interests lie in the areas of critical Muslim studies, Islamophobia studies, race/anti-racism, postcolonial/anti-colonial studies, social justice education, decolonizing research and critical ethnography. Dr. Zine is a sociologist with an interdisciplinary focus and is committed to engaged and socially responsive pedagogies.

Her books range from topics including student disengagement and dropout among black youth, inclusive and multi-centric education, Islamic schooling as well as edited volumes that examine Muslim cultural politics in Canada and the Orientalist representation of Muslim women in literature, cinema, and pop culture and how educators can de-mystify and decolonize these texts.

Her most recent research project was a SSHR-funded study of the “9/11 generation” of Muslim youth in Canada and how the “war on terror” and domestic security policies have impacted their sense of identity, citizenship and belonging and also focusing on how some youth are using the arts as a form of political critique. As a  social justice educator committed to anti-racism education and praxis, Zine was involved in advocacy in support of Black students in the aftermath of the blackface incident at Laurier in 2005 and continues to teach and raise awareness of anti-black racism in all forms. 

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