Anique Jordan

Anique Jordan is an award-winning artist, writer, curator and entrepreneur. Her recent work thinks about working class aesthetics, time travel, invisibility, Caribbean carnival, and Black Canadian futurities.

She is part of the curatorial team at the Art Gallery of Ontario, and is the Executive Director of Whippersnapper Gallery.

Anique Jordan was named the Toronto Arts Foundation 2017 Emerging Artist of the Year. []

Scream Café

Artist: Anique Jordan

Scream Café is a performance in which audience members are invited to participate and witness an act of audible or silent screaming. The performance, creates a participatory space that does not remove the body or the action from the environment that incites a response, but instead, as a site dependent work, responds directly to it. It is a simple gesture that is as much revolt as release, rendering the body unpalatable.  The guttural voice of the interior body, the presence or absence of sound, and the act of interrupting provide a pointed, embodied intervention into a normalcy that renders the lives of Black people as disposable.

October 23, 1;30-3:15pm, McGill University |  October 25, 3-4:45pm, Queen's University | October 27, 3-4:45pm, Wilfrid Laurier University | October 30, 3:30-5:15pm, Ontario College of Arts and Design University

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