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Opt in to 2FA

IMPORTANT: Once your McGill account is 2FA-enabled it will be much more secure.  However, note that you must use an email application such as Outlook, which supports Modern Authentication. See the Index of setup instructions of McGill email for information on supported email applications and devices.


  1. Complete the setup during regular business hours in case you require assistance from the IT Service Desk.

  2. Sign out of all Office 365 online applications (Outlook, Word, Teams, etc.)

  3. Have your mobile phone handy (iOS, Android, Windows). Don't have a mobile phone? Download Authy on your desktop or laptop.

  4. After you click "submit" to opt in, your account will be enabled within a few minutes. Then, follow the instructions to complete the 2FA setup and choose authentication methods.

  5. The entire process takes approximately 10-15 minutes.

How do I opt in?

If you have not done so already, log in (click the link at the top of this page) so that you can view the Submit button.  Confirm your email address in the field below, then click Submit

*IMPORTANT:  Once you click “Submit”, you will be unable to access most web-based applications (e.g. Office 365) off-campus, until you complete your 2FA account setup. Wait 5 minutes for 2FA to be enabled. If you try to sign into Office 365 at this point, you should be prompted for "more information" (if not, wait a little longer). Then follow the instructions to complete the 2FA setup and choose your 2FA authentication methods.

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