Having trouble?

McGill class schedules are designed to strike a balance between maximizing student choice and using limited classroom space. Class sizes are limited based on academic needs and space limitations. Inevitably, some class sections that interest you may be full. You can check the number of available spots in any class on the class schedule.

Common problems

If you can't register in a course on Minerva, you may receive one of the following error messages:

  • you have not taken the required prerequisites for this course
  • you need departmental approval to take this course
  • this program is only open to students in a certain faculty or program
  • you must complete a placement test before registering
  • the section is full
  • the course is "reserved closed," meaning that the remaining seats are reserved for students in a particular program

What to do

If a course is full, you may want to check again from time to time to see if space opens up. If the course is required for your program but is full or "reserved closed," contact the department offering the course to request a "permit to register."

Joining a waitlist — if your course has one — is the best way to ensure you get a spot if another student drops the course.

Under special circumstances, the department offering the course may allow you to register even though you normally wouldn't be able to. If all else fails, try contacting them.

*The Faculty of Science has developed a useful tipsheet on solving registration issues that can be helpful for undergraduate students in all programs and degrees. Check it out!*

Automated registration software

McGill policy forbids the use of software that repeatedly attempts to register for courses. If Minerva detects a cumulative excessive number of registration attempts, or determines that you are excessively attempting to add a course (either with a computer program or manually), you will be blocked from all registration features on Minerva. You will need to contact Service Point at 514-398-7878 to have your registration rights returned, which may take several business days.