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Advisory Council on the Charter of Students' Rights

Extract from the Charter of Students' Rights:

45 The Council shall consist of five members and a Chair who shall be appointed by Senate for staggered two-year terms.

47.1 The Council [on the Charter of Students’ Rights] shall investigate any allegation that the general application of a University rule is in violation of this Charter. A request for investigation may be made by a member of the University (the complainant) or may be referred to the Council by the Committee on Student Grievances.


Source: Senate Minute 64, April 4, 1984
Amendment: Senate Minute 70, January 13, 1988

Membership (2-year renewable terms)

Professor Jane Everett (ARTS) – 2015 (Chair)
Professor Shaheen Shriff (EDUCATION) – 2015
Ms. Sharon Rankin (LIBRARIES) – 2015
Professor Subhasis Ghoshal (Civil Engineering, ENGINEERING) – 2017
Professor Joelle Pineau (Computer Science, ENGINEERING) – 2017
Professor Craig Mandato (Anatomy and Cell Biology, MEDICINE) – 2017

Two student members:
Undergraduate: Jacob Greenspon (B.A., Political Science/Economics)
Graduate: Vikrant Bhosle (Ph.D., Pharmacology)