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University Appeals Committee

An Extract from the Regulations Regarding the Employment of Academic Staff:

8.1 There shall be an Appeals Committee for hearing appeals from final decisions of the Principal refusing to recommend tenure or a reappointment. The Appeals Committee, consisting of six members with a term of office of three years, commencing on the 1st April, shall be appointed by the Board of Governors from a panel constituted as provided in Section 8.2.

8.2.1 Prior to the 1st of March in each year, the President of the McGill Association of University Teachers, or his or her designate, and the Principal shall jointly submit to the Senate Nominating Committee a slate of names of full-time academic staff of a number at least one and a half times the number of vacancies on the Appeals Committee to be filled that year.

8.2.2 The Senate Nominating Committee shall then strike a panel of nominees by reducing the slate to the number of vacancies to be filled.

8.2.3 The panel thus struck shall be submitted to Senate for approval prior to its submission to the Board of Governors.

8.2.4 In the event of rejection, in whole or in part, by Senate or the Board of Governors, the procedure set out in Section 8.2.1 and following shall recommence.

8.3 Notwithstanding Section 8.1, the Appeals Committee, when first constituted, shall consist of two members appointed for a term of three years, two for a term of two years, and two for a term of one year.

8.4.1 The Appeals Committee shall elect a chair and a vice-chair from amongst its members annually. The office of the Secretary-General shall provide a secretary for the Appeals Committee.


(3-year terms commencing April 1)

Professor John Silvius (Biochemistry, MEDICINE) – 2018  (Vice-Chair)
Professor Kathleen Cullen (Medicine, MEDICINE) – 2016
Professor Robert Leckey (LAW) - 2016  (Chair)
Professor Emine Sarigollu (MANAGEMENT) - 2016
Professor Peter Grütter (Physics, SCIENCE) - 2017
Professor Frank Ferrie (Electrical and Computer Engineering, ENGINEERING) - 2017


Bonnie Borenstein, Secretary