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Why we age but our cells don't: The discovery of stem cells at McGill

Over 60 years ago, McGill Professors Yves Clermont and Charles Leblond published a paper that revolutionized our understanding of cell biology. Their stem cell renewal theory marks the first use of the term "stem cells" in this biological context.

Read more about these pioneering scientists and their contributions on the website of the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology.

Published: 17 Apr 2013

New Royal Society of Canada inductees from the Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science offers congratulations to Professors Laurie Hendren (Computer Science), Bruce Lennox (Chemistry), Chao-Jun Li (Chemistry), and Timothy Moore (Geography), on being named Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada!

Kudos also to the following Professors who are RSC Medal recipients: The Flavelle Medal, Siegfried Hekimi (Biology); the Rutherford Memorial Medal in Physics, Guy Moore (Physics); and the Miroslaw Romanowski Medal, Catherine Potvin (Biology).

Published: 6 Sep 2012