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Office of the Provost

Welcome to the Office of the Provost

Prof. Anthony C. Masi is Provost of McGill University.

ASAP 2012

ASAP 2012: Achieving Strategic Academic Priorities is the formal statement of McGill University’s academic plan that builds on the successes and addresses remaining gaps identified by Strengths and Aspirations, the 2006 strategic plan. The plan is designed to strengthen what has been accomplished by responding to the economic, political, social and technological changes of the past six years.

Massive Online Open Courses (McGillX MOOCs)

Through an affiliation with edX, McGill is part of a consortium of 28 leading institutions from North America, Europe, Asia and Australia dedicated to using innovative technologies to enhance education on their campuses and for a worldwide community of learners.

Academic Administration

The Provost oversees and has responsibility for:


In addition to his team of senior administrators, the Provost works closely with the Deans.

Faculty Incumbent Date of First Appointment Current Term Start-End Dates
Agricultural & Environmental Sciences Chandra Madramootoo 2005.08 2010.07-2015.06
Arts Christopher Manfredi

Academic Personnel Office

On all matters relating to the recruiting, hiring, appointing, conditions of employment, salary, leaves and retirement of academic staff, the Academic Personnel Office (APO) works in tandem with the Provost, the Associate Provost (Budget & Resources) and the Associate Provost (Policies, Procedures & Equity).

For more information, please visit the Academic Personnel Office website.