The Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit

Chronic pain affects approximately one third of the population, at great cost to the individual patient and to society. With the ageing population and improved survival rates for conditions such as cancer, these figures will probably increase. Pain management, especially regarding chronic pain, is therefore at the core of the McGill University Health Centre’s (MUHC) medical activities, and supports many clinical departments.

The AEPMU’s global vision incorporates pain medicine, training, and research aimed at the relief of pain and pain-related suffering, and advancement of knowledge about pain and its treatment. A multidisciplinary team of pain specialists works together to promote this vision and to address the complex multifactorial disease of chronic pain. 

A.    Provide optimal multidisciplinary treatment for patients with chronic pain problems;
B.    Educate health-care professionals and trainees in the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for treating pain; 
C.    Introduce pain researchers to the clinical aspects of pain;  
D.    Conduct research to advance pain treatment;
E.    Increase the visibility of pain as a disease in itself, requiring specialized treatment; 
F.    Participate with other institutions and organizations in pressuring governments to improve and expedite delivery of pain treatment;  
G.    Educate the public about pain.


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