Arriving in Panama

All NEO students and professors who wish to carry out research in Panama must submit a STRI application form. Because both STRI and McGill are not Panamanian institutions, care must be taken to respect the country's written and unwritten rules. Thus upon admission in NEO every students will receive a letter with guidelines for proper behavior when in Panama, from dressing code to respect of national laws.

The information from the STRI application's form will enable STRI to notify applicants about availability of space and equipment, housing, fees, appropriate immigrations procedures and necessary permits from the Republic of Panama. Applications must be received at least four months before the proposed research is to begin.

For the STRI Application, and more details (eg. facility descriptions,fees), as well as necessary form for research permits, see the STRI web page.


We suggest that you contact new incoming students and those already in NEO for possible shared accommodation.