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Aerospace Studies at McGill

As one of Canada’s top-ranking universities, with a stellar international reputation, McGill offers students a first-class educational experience.  

Montreal’s unique position as one of the world’s foremost aerospace hubs offers great opportunities for students to get involved directly with the aerospace sector. Everything from innovative research projects to practical internships in aerospace engineering are available to students while they complete their studies at McGill. Montreal is also home to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO, a branch of the United Nations), the International Air Transport Association, and the Canadian Space Agency.

Both engineering students, and law students studying at McGill's Institute for Air and Space Law, benefit from being strategically located in one of the world's foremost centres of aerospace engineering innovation and international aviation policy setting.

McGill graduates hold high-level research and executive positions in major aerospace companies and organizations around the world.

With a McGill degree in-hand, you will confidently launch yourself into a career in aerospace engineering, or in aviation and space law.  

Aerospace Programs

Please note that the MIAE is not an academic unit, so it does not offer degrees, courses, or programs. These are available through the Faculty of Engineering departments and for law students, the Faculty of Law Institute for Air and Space Law. You can consult these departments directly for information about their programs by clicking on the links at the left. 

Aerospace engineering studies are available at the undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education levels.

Aviation and Space Law studies are available at the graduate level.