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Research Committee

Farhan Bhanji MD, FRCP(C)

Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Montreal Children's Hospital,
Dept. Emergency Pediatrics, T-124,
2300 Tupper St.,
Montreal, Quebec
H3H 1P3

Email: farhan [dot] bhanji [at] muhc [dot] mcgill [dot] ca (Farhan Bhanji)

Linda Crelinsten RN, MA

Assistant Director, Arnold and Blema Steinberg Medical Simulation Centre

Arnold and Blema Steinberg Medical Simulation Centre
3575 avenue du Parc, suite 5640
Montréal, QC
H2X 2P9

Email: linda [dot] crelinsten [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Linda Crelinsten)

Gerald Fried, MD, FRCS(C), FACS

Professor of Surgery and Adair Chair of Surgical Education

Montreal General Hospital - MUHC Division of General Surgery
1650 Cedar Ave., Rm L9.309
Montreal, Quebec
H3G 1A4

Email: gerald [dot] fried [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Gerald Fried)

Ronald D. Gottesman, MDCM,FRCPC,FAAP,FCCM

Associate Director - Pediatric Simulation, Arnold and Blema Steinberg Medical Simulation Centre
Director, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
Professor of Pediatrics
Associate Member, School of Nursing Centre for Medical Education
Affiliate Member, McGill Teaching and Learning Services

McGill University Health Centre,
Montreal Children's Hospital
2300 Tupper, C-808
Montreal Quebec
H3H 1P3

Email: ronald [dot] gottesman [at] muhc [dot] mcgill [dot] ca (Ronald D. Gottesman)

Michael Hoover, PhD

Educational and Counseling Psychology, Faculty of Education

Educational and Counselling Psychology
Education, Faculty of

Email: michael [dot] hoover [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Michael Hoover)

Kevin Lachapelle, MD, FRCS(C), FACS

Cardiac Surgeon
Associate Professor of Surgery Program
Director, McGill Cardiac Surgery Training Program
Director, Arnold and Blema Steinberg Medical Simulation Centre

Royal Victoria Hospital
687 Pine Avenue West, Suite S8:30
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 1A1

Email: kevin [dot] lachapelle [at] muhc [dot] mcgill [dot] ca (Kevin Lachapelle)

Francesco Ramadori, MDCM

Assistant Professor, McGill University Health Centre

Montreal General Hospital - MUHC
1640 Cedar Ave., D10.44
Montreal, Quebec,
H3G 1A4

Email: francesco [dot] ramadori [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Francesco Ramadori)

Linda Snell, MD, MHPE, FRCPC, FACP

Medical Professor – Post Graduate Core Competencies Program
Associate Physician

McIntyre Medical Sciences Building
3655 Promenade Sir William Osler
Montréal, Québec
H3G 1Y6

Email: linda [dot] snell [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Linda Snell)

Melina C. Vassiliou, MD, M.Ed., FRCS (C)

Associate Director - Procedural Skills Simulation, Arnold and Blema Steinberg Medical Simulation Centre
Assistant Professor of Surgery, McGill University

3575 Parc Avenue, Suite 5640
Montréal, Québec
H2X 3P9

Email: melina [dot] vassiliou [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Melina C. Vassiliou)

Meredith Young, PhD

Assistant Professor / Educational Researcher, Faculty of Medicine

Medical Education, Centre for
Medicine, Faculty of
MEREDITH, Lady, House

Email: meredith [dot] young [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Meredith Young)