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Radiation-induced Toxicity and Biomarkers

Graduate student Asha Jeyaseelan and Dr. Issam El Naqa are investigating radiation-induced toxicity and cancer biomarkers.

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Beam Quality Measurement

Graduate student Ghada Aldosary and Dr. Arman Sarfehnia are studying the signal response of ionization chambers with chamber walls of different materials.

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Modulated Electron Radiotherapy (MERT)

Ph.D. student Tanner Connell, in collaboration with medical physicist Michael Evans and Dr. Jan Seuntjens, is investigating the use of scattering foils of different designs to reduce bremsstrahlung in MERT.

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Cone beam CT scatter corrections

Ph.D. student Pete Watson is working with Dr. Jan Seuntjens and Dr. Ernesto Mainegra-Hing of the NRC to create a clinically feasible MC-based technique for cone-beam CT scatter correction.

Neutron measurements and modeling in accelerator vaults

M.Sc. student Robert Maglieri, working with Dr. John Kildea and Michael Evans in collaboration with Angel Licea of the CNSC, is developing measurement techniques and simulations to quantify neutron spectra around medical linear accelerators.

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Precalculated Monte Carlo on the GPU

M.Sc. student Marc-André Renaud works with Dr. Jan Seuntjens to investigate the best ways to implement clinical Monte Carlo simulations for electrons and protons on GPU hardware.


The microdosimetry group focuses on event-by-event Monte-Carlo simulations for applications in radiation therapy and protection.

McGill University Medical Physics Unit

The Medical Physics Unit (MPU) is an academic unit within McGill University's Faculty of Medicine and a division within the Department of Oncology. The activities of the MPU encompass Medical Physics education, research and clinical consultation hosted at the MUHCJewish General Hospital (JGH) and the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI). The main site of the MPU is colocated with the MUHC Department of Medical Physics at the MUHC which provides clinical service to the Department of Radiation Oncology. This mixed clinical-academic setup where education, training and research & development is intertwined with clinical service provides a fertile breeding ground for exciting new research.

Please use the links above to learn more about the MPU.