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Requirements for Med-P program

Applicants to the Med-P program must:

  • be recognized residents of Québec;
  • from the onset of collegial studies(*1), be enrolled in only one of these following programs:
    • Science (200.B0), 
    • Combined science program (200.11, 200.12, 200.13, 200.15, 200.16), 
    • Science + International Baccalaureate (200.10), or 
    • Arts & Science (700.A0).
  • be in the final year of collegial studies and obtain (by July 31 of the entering year) a Diploma of Collegial Studies (DEC) in one of the stated programs;
  • have undertaken a minimum of six courses (13.33 credits) in each regular semester (*2);
  • must have successfully completed and achieved the competency codes for the following courses:
    • Biology: NYA (00UK), General Biology II (00XU);
    • Chemistry: NYA (00UL), NYB (00UM), Organic Chemistry I (00XV);
    • Mathematics: NYA (00UN), NYB (00UP);
    • Physics: NYA (00UR), NYB (00US), NYC (00UT).
    • EXCEPTION: Students in Sciences, Lettres et Arts (700.A0) program must obtain the Biology objectives of 01Y5 and 01YJ (along with all other program requirements) and should complement their program with Chemistry 01YH and at least one of Physics 01YF or 01YG in order for their application to be considered.  Students who are missing any prerequisites based on the list above may be asked to complete them during the preparatory year.
    • EXCEPTION: Students in the IB-DEC (200.10) program must complete (along with all other program requirements) a minimum of two courses (5.33 credits) in Biology, three courses (8.00 credits) in Chemistry, including Organic Chemistry, two courses (5.33 credits) in Mathematics and one course (2.67 credits) in Physics in order for their application to be considered.  Preference is given to those who most closely adhere to the list of prerequisites above.  Those admitted into the program who are missing any prerequisites will be asked to complete them during the preparatory year.
    • For more information on these codes and their requirements, please contact your CEGEP academic advising office.
    • Quebec residents who are currently enrolled in a French "lycée", French Baccalaureate, or International Baccalaureate program must have completed both years (the "première" and "terminale" year for French lycée and French Baccalaureate) in Québec in order to be eligible to apply to the Med-P program, and must have an R score, as well as a course attestation (provided by school).

Applicants to the Med-P program must not:

  • have extended the length of their program for reasons of personal choice (*2);
  • have taken any of the prerequisite courses listed above outside of a regular semester (*2);
  • have registered in any other post-secondary program (*1).



(*1) Exceptions made for students entering a remedial program before their first DEC program.
(*2) Students enrolled in a Sport-études program may be exempted from these conditions. Such applicants must submit the designated form which describes in detail all relevant sport activities.  See: Sport-Études form. A sub-committee will determine the eligibility of these students.