Meeting schedule Summer 2009

Friday, 31 July, 11 a.m., Room 117

Friday, 17 July, 11 a.m., Room 117

    Kie Zuraw: On Nasal Substitution in a number of languages. Handout_Zuraw

Friday, 10 July, 11 a.m., Room 117

Friday, 12 June, 1 p.m. Room 002

    Mako Hirotani, Carleton University: Prosody and LF interpretation: processing Japanese wh-questions

Thursday, 11 June, Room 002

Friday, 5 June, 12:30 pm, Room 117

Thursday, May 28

Thursday, May 21

    Paul Hagstrom and Michael Wagner: Norvin Richards: Beyond strength and weakness Download at lingBuzz

Thursday, May 14

    Máire Noonan: Thomas Leu cont.

Friday, 8 May

    Máire Noonan: Thomas Leu's NYU dissertation 'The Internal Syntax of Determiners' Download at lingBuzz