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May 2008 Graduates

Staff and students enjoy a small reception to honor our recent graduates and their achievements. Congratulations!


Applicants for direct admission to the MA or PhD program in linguistics should normally have completed a B.A. with a specialization in linguistics. Applications are also invited from students with a background in other disciplines. Strong candidates who do not satisfy all requirements may be required to take additional undergraduate courses.

Syntactic Interfaces Research Group (SIRG)

Second phase (volet fonctionnement)

Lisa Travis (McGill U)
Principal investigator
Syntax, PF-interface


At McGill University, we are committed to helping you finance your education. We offer our research students the most competitive and generous funding in Quebec. Our funding, coupled with Montreal’s low cost of living, makes graduate studies at McGill a wise educational investment.

Department of Linguistics

The focus of research and teaching in the Department of Linguistics at McGill University is on theoretical and experimental linguistics, with special emphasis on the understanding of language diversity and how this diversity may be related to a universal underlying linguistic competence.