Dr Ernesto Schiffrin : 2010 Apopinted as a Member of the Order of Canada for his contributions to the study of hypertension and his leadership in scientific committees and societies.

2010 Bjorn Folkow Award of the Eruopean Society of Hypertension

Dr Louise Pilote : named James McGill Professor, Faculty of Medicine, and named to the Faulty Honour List for Excellence in Education 2008

Dr Ernesto Schiffrin : 2007 Irvine page - Alva Bradley Lifetime Achievement Award of the High Blood Pressure Research Council of the American Heart Association. Presented each year to an individual who has had a lifetime of outstanding achievements in the the field of hypertension and has served as a role model through service, research and teaching.

Dr Thomas Maniatis : Johnathan Campbell Meakins and Meakins Family Memorial Fellowship 2007 for the development of the simulation-based teaching modeules in Ethics and Communications.

Dr Linda Snell : Physician-in-chief Award in recognition of her exemplary and outstanding service to the Dept. Medicine 2008

Dr Jeff Wiseman : Dept. of Medicine Award for Innovation in Clinical Care: Patient Discharge Navigators Program 2008

Dr Laurence Green : Phil Hill Award in recognition of excellence in teaching 2008

Dr Vicky Tagalakis : SMBD Jewish General Hospital Dept. of Medicine Research Award 2008

Dr David Eidelman presenting MUHC Department of Medicine Staff Research Award 2006 to Dr Louise Pilote Dr Linda Snell presenting The W.H. Philip Hill Award for Outstanding Clinician-Teacher at the MUHC 2006 to Dr Lucie Opatrny

Dr Linda Snell presenting The Douglas G. Kinnear Award for Outstanding Clinician-Teacher at the MUHC 2006 to Dr Suzanne Morin