Division Activities

Montreal General Hospital Site (MUHC)

Journal Club (for Division members only)

ICU Core Lecture Summer 2006 [.rtf]

Royal Victoria Hospital Site (MUHC)

Noon Rounds (for Division members only)

Mondays at noon in Rm M3.30, RVH

McGill University Division of General Internal Medicine Inter-Division Rounds

Inter-Division Rounds: Monday 17 November 2008

Dr Evelyn Rey, St. Justine Hospital, presented The pregnant hypertensive: 2008 guidelines ?

Dr Lucie Opatrny, McGill University, presented Obstetrical medicine at the MUHC

Monday 23 February 2009

Dr Sharon Straus, University of Toronto, presented Lost in knowledge translation

Dr Barbara Young, McGill University, presented The Nunavik Centre: Two-year follow-up

Jewish General Hospital

Journal Club (for Division members only)

Seminars and Rounds [.rtf]

St. Mary's Hospital

Medical Grand Rounds

Thursday mornings, 8:00 in the Basement Auditorium

Monthly Journal Club (for Division members only)

Outlying Regions

Health Promotion Coalition in Amos

Dr Bert Govig has been involved with a community-based health promotion group that has mounted a campaign to educate people about dangers of passive smoke. Visit the site at www.saineshabitudes.com

Sign the no-smoking petition to the Minister of Health
at www.pasdeboucane.com