Clinician Scholar Program





Have you or are you currently completing a family medicine residency in Canada or the US?
Are you interested in contributing to the discipline of family medicine beyond everyday clinical practice?
Are you wondering what to do for enhanced skills training and have an interest in research?

If you answered yes to these questions, the Clinician Scholar Program offers a third year residency that will provide you with the skills to become a clinician scientist in family medicine.
Offered by the Department of Family Medicine, this unique one year program provides solid training in research methods.
In addition, the program offers an opportunity to complete a M.Sc degree that will make you a highly competitive candidate, while maintaining your clinical skills.

We invite you to consult our PDF icon csp_brochure_20151013.pdf.

Specific Objectives

The Clinician Scholar Program (CSP) provides a third year residency training salary for those interested in conducting research relevant to the discipline and practice of family medicine.

Residents in the CSP complete the courses required for the MSc in Family Medicine without any additional course fees. Residents are encouraged to apply for the Master of Science Program while simultaneously applying to the CSP. In this way, they will obtain the MSc upon completing their thesis in a second year as a Clinical Research Fellow.  During the CSP, residents continue to work in a family medicine setting two half-days per week. This might be a continuation of their clinical practice from their first two years of family medicine residency, or it might be in a different context  that relates to a specific area of interest.

Program Description

Required Course Work

1 credit  = 15 hours class time
3 credits = 45 hours class time

September - December

FMED504D1 Family Medicine Research Seminars (.5 credit)

FMED505 Basics of Analysis of Health Data (3 credits)

FMED509 Foundations of Epidemiology in Family Medicine (3 credits)

FMED625 Qualitative Health Research (3 credits)


January - April

FMED504D2 Family Medicine Research Seminars (.5 credit)

FMED672 Applied Mixed Methods in Health Research (3 credits)


May- June

FMED 600 Mixed Studies Reviews (1 credit)

FMED603 Introduction to Participatory Research (1 credit)

Elective courses- 6 credits


Other academic activities

CSP candidates attend an annual networking event jointly hosted by the four Quebec university-based family medicine departments. They are also encouraged to attend the North American Primary Care Research Group annual meeting and the Family Medicine Forum. These events provide a great opportunity to build a collaborative network in support of a career as a clinical scientist.


Apply/Contact Us


Clinician Scholar Program (CSP)
roland.grad [at] (Dr. Roland Grad),
Program Director

graduateprograms.fammed [at] (Ms. Sherrie Child)

Graduate Programs Coordinator

Tel: (514) 399-9109
Fax: (514) 398-4202
graduateprograms.fammed [at]

For information regarding the application process, please contact  the Graduate Programs Coordinator to determine eligibility, as space is limited.

Send graduateprograms.fammed [at] (Sherrie Child) your most current curriculum vitae (CV) and a personal statement describing your reasons for applying to the CSP and your research interests with your preferred start date.

You will also need to send in all transcripts from all universities you have attended for review . 


APPLY NOW by September 13th!  Please apply as a Family Medicine Medical Resident (3rd year)  and the Clinician Scholar Program (CSP) should show up.


After applying at the above link, you must upload your CV and personal statement to Admissions system.