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  • HIV prevention in Botswana

    HIV prevention in Botswana

    Tackling choice disability and structural factors to reduce HIV

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  • Humanitarian Studies Initiative

    Humanitarian Studies Initiative

    Evidence-based training on the globally recognized core humanitarian competencies

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  • Participatory research in Ecuador

    Participatory research in Ecuador

    Mentorship of medical students in primary care research and Training and Education for Andean Community Health (TEACH)

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  • Capacity building

    Capacity building

    Building skills for producing and using evidence to plan health care

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  • Safe birth in cultural safety

    Safe birth in cultural safety

    Indigenous newborns surviving in cultural safety

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  • Dengue prevention trial

    Dengue prevention trial

    Camino Verde: In search of a sustainable, chemical-free way to prevent dengue

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  • Evidence-based planning in Nigeria

    Evidence-based planning in Nigeria

    Improving the health information and planning system in two states

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Global Health

The Department of Family Medicine approaches global health as an opportunity to support primary health care everywhere, in every country, and especially in the most vulnerable segments of the population.

Our training program does this through increasing mastery of the fundamentals, core practices and special competencies related to planning, management, research and education for primary health care.

Our research projects range from individual community to national in scope; they cover vector borne diseases, chronic diseases, safe motherhood, aging, gender violence, HIV, Indigenous health -- topics we are asked to support by community partners.