Masters of Science in Public Health (MScPH)

McGill has an international reputation for training outstanding population and public health professionals. Our rigorous two-year academic program ensures that graduates are well-equipped to tackle complex public health issues.

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Epidemiology (MSc and PhD), Biostatistics (MSc and PhD), Occupational Health (MSc Applied), Public Health (MScPH), a residency in Public Health & Preventive Medicine or a hot Summer Session.

Inter-disciplinary, problem-oriented research 

Our contributions are as unique as each of our researchers and students

Elevate Education

Environmental Epidemiology at McGill

Conduct research on some of the most important environmental challenges of our time such as climate change, indoor/outdoor air pollution and environmental contaminants.

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Acquire extra credits or earn a Professional Interest Certificate. Choose your schedule and accommodation for the May & June summer sessions in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. 

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The EBOH YouTube playlist on the McGill channel houses a variety of videos, including our Mini-Med Series, presentations and the 50th Anniversary Conference.

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