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Ancient History Programs and Courses

Ancient History Programs

Students may complete one of the History degree programs (Minor, Major, Honors, Joint Honors), focusing on ancient Greek and Roman history. Courses in the Department of History are grouped into four areas (The Americas, Europe, Asia/Africa/Middle East, Global/Thematic). All History programs require students to take a majority of courses from one core area. All Ancient History courses are considered to be courses in the area of European history. Students interested in Ancient History should choose Europe as their core area and take as many courses from the list below as possible.

Students are strongly encouraged to complete HIST 205 or HIST 209 before taking 300-level or higher courses in Ancient History, preferably in their first year.

Please consult the History Programs page for specific program requirements.

Ancient History: Course Offerings

Introductory Courses

HIST 205 Ancient Mediterranean History
HIST 231 Archaeology of the Ancient World

Intermediate Surveys, Greek

HIST 369 Greek History: Early Greece
HIST 368 Greek History: Classical
HIST 379 Greek History: Hellenistic

Intermediate Surveys, Roman

HIST 391 Roman History: Republic
HIST 375 Roman History: Early Empire
HIST 376 Roman History: Later Empire

Intermediate Surveys, Thematic

HIST 305 Ancient Warfare and Imperialism
HIST 323 History of Sexuality I
HIST 378 Greek and Roman Social History

Advanced Courses and Research

HIST 400 Ancient Greece, Rome, China
HIST 407 Topics in Ancient History
HIST 449 Ancient Medicine
HIST 450 Methods in Ancient History
HIST 451 Ancient Mediterranean City-States
HIST 550/551 Ancient History Seminar/Research