Professor Arun K. Misra recently received the Dirk Brouwer Award "for his outstanding and lasting contributions to astrodynamics of tethered satellite systems, flexible spacecraft, spacecraft orbiting asteroids, robotics for orbital assembly and debris capture." The Dirk Brouwer Award was established by the American Astronautical Society to honour significant technical contributions to space flight mechanics and astrodynamics. Professor Misra is the winner of this award for 2017. Dirk Brouwer Award.

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Published on: 12 Apr 2018

Professor Marco Amabili has been elected to the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. This is an important achievement; until now the European Academy of Sciences and Arts included only nine Canadian members, including John Polyani, winner of the 1986 Nobel prize for Chemistry. Read more.

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Published on: 12 Apr 2018

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Published on: 10 Apr 2018

The McGill Institute for the Study of Canada is happy to announce that the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences has named Tax, Order, and Good Government: A New Political History of Canada, 1867-1917  as the winner for the English category of the 2018 Canada Prize, "awarded to books that make an exceptional contribution to scholarship, are engagingly written, and enrich the social, cultural and intellectual life of Canada.

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Published on: 9 Apr 2018

Professionals and researchers from around the world will be coming together in April to reflect on the ideological nature of translation and the ways in which engaged translators have promoted a wide variety of conceptual agendas throughout history.  Researchers and practicing translators will reflect on translations as artefacts of sociopolitical change.

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Published on: 7 Mar 2018

We are acutely aware that time of year can be very challenging for students. If you – or someone you know – is showing signs of distress and may be at risk, we encourage you to take action and reach out. There are many resources to assist you:

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Published on: 16 Feb 2018

Océane Marescal outlined how science students can improve their writing skills in The McGill Tribune. The McGill Writing Center offers several courses that greatly benefit those who wish to make writing one of their strengths. The article outlines relevant courses to science majors.

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Published on: 25 Jan 2018

Dr. James Archibald has been appointed to the ISO/TC 37 mirror committee on language and terminology in The Standards Council of Canada. The Standards Council of Canada is the Canadian arm of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the ISO/TC 37 has published internationally recognized standards on a variety of translation-related issues and technologies.

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Published on: 22 Jan 2018

Read an interview with McGill School of Continuing Studies' former director of Translation Studies, James Archibald, in Métro. The flexibility of the program, along with the internship component and use of innovative software, was highlighted.

The article is available in French only. Click here to read the article.


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Published on: 10 Jan 2018

A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has shown that musical training helps people hear speech syllables in loud environments, and has shown how this happens. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), researchers Yi Du and Robert Zatorre monitored brain function as musicians and non-musicians listened to speech fragments and varying background noise levels.

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Published on: 11 Dec 2017

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Published on: 8 Dec 2017

Students completing the Graduate Diploma in Translation (GDIT) must sit a comprehensive examination at the conclusion of the GDIT Program.  The examination consists of an oral defense of a best-work portfolio.  This portfolio represents a record of progress made by the candidate throughout his/her studies.  Each candidate prepares a written introduction and comments on selected examples of coursework with a view to demonstrating his/her progress toward greater translation competence.

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Published on: 5 Dec 2017

New research by McGill University biologists shows that milder winters have led to physical alterations in two species of mice in southern Quebec in the past 50 years – providing a textbook example of the consequences of climate change for small mammals.

The findings also reveal a stark reversal in the proportions of the two mice populations present in the area, adding to evidence that warming temperatures are driving wildlife north.  

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Published on: 27 Nov 2017

Can mindfulness training help overweight people shed pounds and keep them off?  McGill University researchers surveyed the growing body of studies investigating that question, and came away encouraged.

Kimberly Carrière, Bärbel Knäuper and Bassam Khoury examined 19 studies conducted over the past decade. Mindfulness interventions in these studies involved either formal meditation, informal mindfulness strategies that focused on eating activity, or some combination of these two approaches.

The researchers found that:

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Published on: 23 Nov 2017