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ECE PhD student Ms. Farzaneh Mahvash Mohammadi named star student researcher by the FRQ-NT

Congratulations to Ms. Farzaneh Mahvash Mohammadi who was named "étudiant-chercheur étoile" by the Fonds de recherche du Québec - Nature et technologies (FRQ-NT) for March 2016. Ms. Mahvash Mohammadi, who works under the supervision of Prof. Thomas Szkopek, was honoured for her article Space-Charge Limited Transport in Large-Area Monolayer Hexagonal Boron Nitride which was published in Nano Letters. Full story on the FRQ website.

Published on : 01 Apr 2016

Could black phosphorus be the next silicon?

As scientists continue to hunt for a material that will make it possible to pack more transistors on a chip, new research from McGill University and Université de Montréal adds to evidence that black phosphorus could emerge as a strong candidate.

Published on : 07 Jul 2015

A better way to build DNA scaffolds

Imagine taking strands of DNA – the material in our cells that determines how we look and function – and using it to build tiny structures that can deliver drugs to targets within the body or take electronic miniaturization to a whole new level.

Published on : 06 May 2015

Building tailor-made DNA nanotubes step by step

Researchers at McGill University have developed a new, low-cost method to build DNA nanotubes block by block – a breakthrough that could help pave the way for scaffolds made from DNA strands to be used in applications such as optical and electronic devices or smart drug-delivery systems.

Published on : 23 Feb 2015

When nanotech meets quantum physics in one dimension

How would electrons behave if confined to a wire so slender they could pass through it only in single-file?

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Published on : 23 Jan 2014

DNA ‘cages’ may aid drug delivery

Nanoscale “cages” made from strands of DNA can encapsulate small-molecule drugs and release them in response to a specific stimulus, McGill University researchers report in a new study.

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Published on : 03 Sep 2013

A step toward optical transistors?

As demand for computing and communication capacity surges, the global communication infrastructure struggles to keep pace, since the light signals transmitted through fiber-optic lines must still be processed electronically, creating a bottleneck in telecommunications networks.

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Published on : 09 Apr 2013