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Surveiller les habitudes alimentaires afin de promouvoir une alimentation plus saine

Des chercheurs utilisent les données enregistrées à la caisse de supermarchés de certains quartiers afin d’améliorer les habitudes alimentaires 

Published on : 11 Mar 2014

Tracking Neighborhood Eating Habits to Promote Healthier Diets

Using checkout grocery data from Montreal neighborhoods as tool to combat unhealthy food choices 

Published on : 11 Mar 2014

Brother-Sister Combination Strong on the Court – and in the Classroom

When it comes to combining both sport and academic achievement it is hard to top Simon and Hélène Bibeau, siblings who attend Montreal’s McGill University. Simon Bibeau, 22, is the starting point guard for McGill’s men’s outfit, the two-time Quebec conference champion who will lead the sixth-ranked Redmen into the Canadian Interuniversity Sport men’s basketball championship, beginning Friday in Ottawa.

Published on : 07 Mar 2014

How Women Leaders Have Transformed Management

In a recent New York Times column, “How to Get a Job at Google,” Thomas Friedman interviews Laszlo Bock, the company’s senior vice president for people operations (which seems to be Google-speak for talent management). Bock notes that because constant innovation is increasingly a group endeavor, people who succeed in the company “tend to be those with a lot of soft skills: leadership, humility, collaboration, adaptability, and loving to learn and re-learn.”

Published on : 07 Mar 2014

Le prof Mintzberg persiste et signe

Voilà 41 ans que le professeur Henry Mintzberg jette son regard critique sur les organisations, leurs stratégies et leurs leaders. Son 17e livre, sorti le 1er mars, est un fait un e-pamphlet, ou brochure électronique. Sous le titre Rebalancing Society, Mintzberg tourne cette fois son regard inquiet sur la société. Mais qu'est-ce qui trouble ainsi le sommeil du plus international des professeurs québécois de gestion ?

Published on : 07 Mar 2014

The Strange Psychology of Expectations

When Facebook announced its astounding $19bn takeover of 55-employee WhatsApp, entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and other tech startup hubs around the world were shocked. ... For managers, there are three important takeaways. First, focus on surprises — large and small — for the information it can reveal about what we are doing. The great management scholar Henry Mintzberg once said that managers should only pay attention to the unexpected. Imagine how much free time would open up if we really followed that advice?

Published on : 06 Mar 2014

Real Trouble

Don't go talking "real world" with Henry Mintzberg. It's a silly term that drives him mad, especially when management skills are at stake.  "The word 'real world' is a red flag for me," says Mintzberg, McGill University's John Cleghorn Professor of Management Studies. "Real world is out there. You don't simulate a real world. We don't play business in our classroom."

Published on : 05 Mar 2014

MBA Primer

MBA programs are now a dime a dozen. B-schools are expanding at a dizzying rate and doubling their enrolments by packing their classrooms full of more and more students. This has prompted worries about a gradual dilution in the quality of the student body as well as meaningful networking opportunities. "An MBA is still valued, but a lot of people have it," says Jay Mintz, a second-year MBA student at McGill University's Desautels Faculty of Management in Montreal.

Published on : 05 Mar 2014

"You've Invested Real Money. You Haven't Just Run a Virtual Portfolio"

Along Highway 401 and over the Ontario border, Tyler Maxey and some of his MBA classmates at McGill University's Desautels Faculty of Management in Montreal are also learning by doing. Their modus operandi: investing other people's money. Since 2008, students have been running a registered fund management firm called Desautels Capital Management that has about $3 million in assets.

Published on : 05 Mar 2014

An Idea that Will Change the World

How a team of McGill MBA students beat thousands of competitors to win $1 million for the not-so-crazy idea of farming edible insects. On Sept. 23 five McGill MBA students beat out 10,000 MBA teams from around the world to win the Hult Prize, a $1-million global award for social enterprise.  Read full article: Canadian Business, November 11, 2013 

Published on : 05 Mar 2014

Making It to the Top

Lisa Cohen, Assistant professor, Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University, Canada, reveals the difficulty women encounter in being hired for higher level roles.  When Mary Barra became the first female chief executive of General Motors, we celebrated a woman reaching the height of her profession.  Read full article: Payroll Professional

Published on : 03 Mar 2014

Market May Reward 'Greenwashing' Over Green Results

A growing number of people are interested in investing in companies that perform well environmentally as well as economically. Unfortunately, measuring environmental performance is not as straightforward as calculating a simple financial return on investment. Developing a yardstick for environmental performance is inherently fraught, forcing evaluators to reduce all of the complex dimensions of sustainability, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, biodiversity impacts and other factors into a single value.

Published on : 03 Mar 2014

McGill 'Hot Cities' Business/Field Trip Expands Horizons

A McGill management professor is leading students on a business field trip that will give them global experience.Called the ‘Hot Cities’ tour, professor Karl Moore is taking students to emerging and developing countries to more about other economies. ... “I've never been to Asia and I've always wanted to explore Asia,” said student Joseph Polossifakis. “I know it’s an up-and-coming region.”

Published on : 03 Mar 2014

L'avocate tricolore

Après avoir vendu - deux fois - le Canadien de Montréal, France Margaret Bélanger est la nouvelle responsable des affaires juridiques de l'équipe. À 41 ans, elle est l'une des rares à détenir un poste juridique aussi prestigieux dans la LNH. Et la première femme à faire partie du comité de direction du Canadien de Montréal en 104 ans d'histoire.

Published on : 03 Mar 2014

Mattel to Buy Mega Bloks

Mattel has made a friendly takeover offer for Montreal-based toy maker Mega Brands Inc., which has the world’s No. 2 line of construction sets after Lego. Desautels Executive in Residence Melissa Sonberg comments on the takeover.   Watch full interview: Global Montreal, February 28, 2014 

Published on : 28 Feb 2014