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Introducing ISID's new Associate Director, Professor Sonia Laszlo


Published: 5 Sep 2013

As the new academic year begins, we are very pleased to announce that Prof. Sonia Laszlo is assuming the position of Associate Director of the Institute for the Study of International Development.  An Associate Professor of Economics, Prof. Laszlo’s main research areas cover many aspects of applied microeconomic analysis in economic development: rural development, access to markets, and the relationship between income, health and education in economic development. In addition to using traditional analytic tools to understand some of the micro‐economic dimensions of economic development at the individual and household level, she has been increasingly using experimental and behavioral methods to shed light on important questions about economic decision‐making in these settings. Prof. Laszlo has focused most of her research on Latin America and the Caribbean, especially Peru and Mexico. She is also a member of the Centre Interuniversitaire de Recherche en Organizations (CIRANO) and the Grupo de Analysis para el Desarrollo (GRADE). In 2005 she co‐founded and has since been an executive member of the Canadian Development Economics Study Group (CDESG), which groups both academic and policy development economists in Canada.

We would also like to ask you to join us in thanking Franque Grimard for all of his hard work in helping to make ISID the success that it has become. Prof. Grimard is stepping down as Associate Director to devote more time to his own research. Since the late 1990s, Prof. Grimard has worked closely with a small group of individuals to develop a strategy for putting McGill back at the forefront of development thinking, which culminated with the creation of ISID in 2008. ISID’s success owes a lot to Prof. Grimard and he will be missed as Associate Director, but we are confident that he will continue to contribute to ISID in numerous ways.

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