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Archive of Winter 2005 courses on WebCT CE on May 1


Published: 1 May 2006
In order to optimize our server resources, on Monday, May 1, at 5 pm we will archive all Winter 2005 courses, move the Winter 2005 semester offline and remove it from your myWebCT. All your course data will be preserved in this archive and all other semesters will remain unaffected. This will require no action on your part. As an instructor or course designer, if you require access to your Winter 2005 courses in the future, you should contact ICS Customer Support with your McGill ID and the full Course number, Section number and CRN (Example: ABCD-123-001 - 9876) of the Winter 2005 course. Your course content will be brought back online within 6 hours of the request being made.
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