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Campaign Centraide 2014

McGill-Centraide Committee members Lydia and Eyal, and athletics manager Jill (centre), participate in the March of the Umbrellas on October 2, 2014.

Campaign co-chairs Rosie Goldstein, VP Research and Daniel Jutras, Dean of Law, at the start of the march. 

Marty the Martlet and Suzanne Fortier, Principal and Vice-Chancellor join campaign co-chairs Rosie Goldstein, VP Research, Daniel Jutras, Dean of Law, and Courtney Ayukawa, SSMU president at the March of the Umbrellas. 

McGill's enthusiastic group is ready to begin the march!

Tina and Rania, Research and International Relations, are all smiles for Centraide. 

McGill's group at the March of the Umbrellas. 

Centraide umbrellas spread important messages throughout the city. 

McGill and Centraide: at the heart of Montreal.


Do you know that one in four people on Montreal Island lives under the low income cut-off, one in ten on the South Shore, and one in nine in Laval?

Uniquely and historically placed at the heart of the city, McGill is at home in Montreal. We also have a big heart! As one of the world’s top universities, we empower people to take charge of their lives through education. More than that, we are a community of engaged people with bright futures and we are committed to making our city a better place.

That's why we are proud to be fundraising for Centraide, a vast network of community agencies that help individuals and families to overcome poverty and social exclusion in their neighbourhoods, including those that promote the academic development of young people and children in order to break the cycle of poverty, those that bring seniors out of isolation, as well as those that offer housing assistance and legal information programs, and much more. By joining forces, we have an amazing opportunity to give a little and make a big impact. 

What does “giving back” mean to you?

Last year many McGillians—people you see every day in our libraries, classrooms, and administrative offices— gave to Centraide. As a McGill student, staff member, or alumnus, why should you consider giving? 

One great reason is that all contributions for McGill Centraide campaign stay local, as the money is donated to over 360 different organizations in the Montreal area that assist people with healthcare, childcare, youth mentoring, senior programs, mental health programs, healthy lifestyle initiatives, and more. These agencies, however, do not have the resources for large fundraising campaigns and rely on the Centraide campaign each year for additional funding. Centraide spends less than 15% on central administration, meaning 85 cents of every dollar raised goes directly back to the community.

Learn more about how even a small monthly donation will help, one dollar at a time.