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Vision, Mission and Goals


Our vision is to see all McGill students fully engaged in their career exploration in a manner that enhances their student life experience; helps them to see the relevance of their education to their career development; and enables them to achieve their career goals and make a positive contribution to society.


Our mission is to inspire McGill students in the exploration of their career options and to increase their employability through the development of lifelong career management skills by:

  1. Creating an energized student-centred environment that makes career education accessible to all;
  2. Leading the integration of career development and experiential education into McGill life and promoting their benefits to students;
  3. Delivering high quality career and job search programs, resources and events; and
  4. Developing a supportive network of McGill faculty and staff, as well as local, national, and international employers and alumni.


  1. Leadership –Demonstrate leadership in career education at McGill so that the entire university will be better prepared to support the career development of our students and the career success of our graduates.
  2. Service Delivery & Access -Further enhance our student-centred service approach and the quality of the services we deliver so that career education will be more accessible to all students including those who have traditionally faced barriers to employment. Develop measures that will enable us to better manage resources and ensure our accountability to our stakeholders.
  3. Student Marketing -Develop and implement an effective marketing and communications strategy to attract more students to our services.
  4. Technology -Make better use of the web, databases, and other technology to broaden our reach and enhance our services to students and employers.
  5. CaPS Team -Create a positive, safe, cooperative, and productive work environment where the cultivation of personal expertise and professional development is encouraged, highly valued and respected.
  6. Employer Marketing & Service -Develop and execute an employer marketing and customer relations strategy that capitalizes on McGill’s reputation and enhances our network in order to increase the number of employment and internship opportunities for students.


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