Why does it matter to staff?

ASAP 2012 commits to the careers and professional development of administrative and support staff as they fortify McGill’s academic mission. To make sure our administrative staff have the tools they need to keep a big university humming, we took a close look at how we could make McGill an even better place to work every day. ASAP 2012 recognizes the contribution of administrative and support staff and the importance of their career advancement.

Here’s how:

Better promotion of organizational and cultural values that support career development for staff members.

ASAP 2012 emphasizes career and skill preparation that will align individual and institutional goals in support of our academic mission.

Better communication about career development and opportunities for growth.

We want to ensure that our staff consider McGill a place where they can grow in their careers; to do this, we will better communicate about professional and career development opportunities.

More extensive orientation and on-boarding for new employees.

We plan to improve new employee orientation to ensure our newest staff members have all the tools they need.

Better communication and collaboration between departments and units.

Strengthening the link between departments and units to minimize the “silo effect” will allow for more a more seamless approach to career development.

An emphasis on effective retention and career development for current employees.

Mentoring programs, the effective use of performance dialogues and a structured process for talent identification and development will enhance career success for administrative and support staff.

Recruitment, retention and advancement that emphasizes diversity and equity in recruitment, in career development and training.

Continued efforts to build and retain a work force of academic, administrative and support staff will extend career development opportunities to members of under-represented groups.