Why does it matter to McGill?

These are challenging times for institutions of higher education, and McGill’s experience is no exception. The impact of unanticipated budget cuts and increasing economic uncertainty about public financial support, coupled with rising operational  costs and a more competitive landscape, have produced unprecedented pressure for adaptation and change.  Under these circumstances, we must find new ways to improve teaching and learning, advance discovery and creativity, and serve the McGill community as a whole. Now more than ever, ASAP 2012 must serve as the roadmap that will guide our commitment to quality and our continued success over the next five years and beyond.

ASAP 2012 isn’t just a document to be filed away on a shelf. It is an action plan, full of specific goals and objectives with which to chart our course and inform our decisions during the next five years. It provides the guiding principles for the major strategic objectives at the Faculty and administrative unit levels. It draws on other planning efforts and is designed to inspire positive change in all aspects of University life.

ASAP 2012 means real action, real change and real advancement in services that affect you every day.

From beginning to end, ASAP 2012 articulates plans for every member of the McGill community. Whether you are an undergraduate student interested in research, a graduate student who wants to improve your time to completion, a faculty member seeking a successful academic career at McGill or an administrative or support staff member looking for professional development opportunities, ASAP 2012 addresses important aspects of your experience.