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4.2 Six broad goals

  1. Maintaining world leadership in research and creative activities, and engaging in a process of continuous institutional and individual improvements to advance this leadership. (Strengths and Aspirations 2006; PTFDECE; Campaign McGill)
  2. Developing and facilitating stronger connections across Faculties, Schools, Departments, Institutes, Centres and other academic units to enhance educational opportunities for students, interdisciplinary and interdepartmental research and teaching collaborations for faculty, and sharing of best practices across academic and administrative units. (Strengths and Aspirations 2006; Campaign McGill)
  3. Connecting more strongly our outreach and public engagement to areas of strength in research, scholarship and education and effectively communicating these contributions to the McGill and external communities. (Budget Book FY 2013; PTFDECE; Work Group on Service to the Global Community; Work Group on Service to Quebec and Canada)
  4. Enhancing the quality and level of services and support to students, faculty, staff, and alumni and friends in pursuit of McGill’s academic mission. (Budget Book FY 2013; SRI workforce planning project; SEM)
  5. Extending a campus culture that welcomes and embraces diversity of origin and ideas and fosters inclusion of differences to enrich the communal and individual experience. (PTFDECE and preliminary administrative response; SEM)
  6. Renewing our facilities and infrastructures to support 21st century research, teaching and learning while recognizing a stewardship role for our historic buildings and natural heritage. (Budget Book FY 2013; University Master Plan; Vision 2020)