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Internship Document Requests

Requesting a document or signature for your Internship

In some cases, the Arts Internship Office can provide students with letters, endorsements, signatures or other documents that are required for internship applications, funding applications, visa or work permit applications, etc.

If you require such a document please provide the following by aio [at] mcgill [dot] ca (e-mail to the Arts Internship Office) from your McGill e-mail account:

  • Your name and ID number
  • Your program/department (majors) and Year of studies (U1, U2, etc.)
  • Host organization name
  • Host organization location (City and Country)
  • Location of the internship work (City and Country)
  • Start date, end date of the internship
  • The purpose of the letter and a description of what is needed
  • A description of the host organization
  • A description of the internship position (role, tasks, etc.)
  • An explanation of how the internship is related to your field of studies in the Faculty of Arts
  • Attach any supporting documents related to your request (i.e. letter from the host organization, application form, website, etc.)

Please note: We can only provide documents or signatures for current Faculty of Arts students in good standing. Requests can take 1 to 2 weeks to review and process. We may only respond to students' official McGill e-mail addresses.

Convention de Stage

The Convention de Stage is an internship agreement between the intern, McGill University and the intern's host organization.

This is only required for students doing internships in France or with a French organization outside of France.

Students must request a Convention de Stage from the Faculty of Arts Internship Office with at least two weeks advanced notice in order to review the request. If the request is approved, please allow up to 2 weeks for the AIO to prepare the documents. As the convention de stage will only be prepared once, please be sure that all information provided to the AIO is accurate.

Please read and complete the following steps very carefully.

Please note that we may only respond to students' official McGill e-mail addresses.

For the agreement to be accepted, all information must be complete and accurate.

  1. For the Arts Internship Office to complete a Convention de Stage, the student must be registered in the Faculty of Arts of McGill for the entire duration of the internship, and must be returning to their studies at McGill after completing their internship.
  2. Please complete the convention de stage form and bring it in person to the Arts Internship Office Leacock 307.
  3. The student may be required to seek credit for their internship.

The student must submit the following to the Arts Internship Office:

  • Letter of confirmation from host organization
  • Personal Data Form [.pdf]
  • A copy of the student's unofficial transcript
  • Description of the host organization
  • Description of the internship position (role, tasks, etc.), remuneration (payment) if any
  • Description of how the internship relates to your field of studies at McGill

Note: The information provided must be accurate. If there are any changes in the start or end date of the internship, the hours per week, the remuneration, etc., the host organization will ask for a new Convention to be drafted.

The student should make an appointment, if possible, with the Arts Internship Office to complete the Convention de Stage. The Convention should be completed in full, with all relevant information by the student and Arts Internship Office staff,