WMS Pro Tips: Featuring Webforms

A recap of the latest Web Service Group presentation 'WMS Pro Tips: Sharing experiences and tool knowledge in the WMS' held last November 9 at the SSMU Ballroom
Image by Photo by Gabirelle Krim..

WSG Portfolio Manager Karl Jarosiewicz talked about how continuous improvements are driven by site managers who use the McGill Web Management System (WMS) creatively, finding new ways to collaborate and show what can be accomplished with the current WMS toolset. He also spoke about how updates, new features and examples from the community will now be shared through the WMS Digest and WMS Articles.

Jason Delmarr and Joyce Peralta then took to the stage to discuss how the McGill community is using the latest WMS tools:

  • New and improved Footer
  • Enhanced Call to Action block
  • Dashboard
  • Vertical tabs template
  • Channels Events Search
  • Hero block 

while highlighting examples from the Faculty of Engineering, the Skills21 initiative and the Schulich School of Music.

The main event was the World of Webforms presentation by Lee-Yan Marquez, where requested topics such as:

  • Formatting Webforms
  • Creating Wizards
  • Using Conditionals
  • Customizing Submissions and other settings, and
  • Webform Security

were discussed in detail and with a touch of whimsy courtesy of My Little Pony.


Want to see for yourself what it was like? Here’s the full presentation:

In a hurry? Here’s just the bit about Webforms:


You’ll find a lot more detail, including step-by-step instructions and how-to’s in the following resources:

WMS Pro Tips

World of Webforms

Hands-on Help

You can also register for WMS 302: Lab for editors and site managers should you need assistance building your site.


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