Terra Ferma

The forum for the equitable representation of religion in the media and academia

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We now live simultaneously in a cosmically exploding universe and an informationally shrinking world, in which religious traditions will become increasingly aware and increasingly sensitive to how they are, represented around the world, and especially in the western media and academia. It is only a matter of time before allegations of misrepresentation begin to surface in a major way.

Students of religion cannot afford to remain mute spectators of these developments, as they are likely to vitiate the very atmosphere in which the scholarly study of religion is pursued. The purpose of this project is to help keep the interaction among the various religions, both in and outside the academia, as wholesome as possible by identifying and collecting instances of such misrepresentation and bringing them to light, before they pollute the atmosphere in which the various religions of the world are interacting.

-- Director, Arvind Sharma

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