MUSP 171 Musicianship (Keyboard) 2 (1 unité)

Offered by: Recherche musicale (Musique)

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Sens musical : Building chordal fluency. Harmonic vocabulary including sequences, chromaticism and modulation. Chorale and score reading with transposing instruments and alto/tenor clefs.

Terms: Hiver 2025

Instructors: Mariner, Justin (Winter)

  • 1 hour

  • Prerequisite: MUSP 170

  • Corequisites: MUTH 111 and MUSP 131; or MUTH 151 and MUSP 141

  • Restriction: All students admitted to B.Mus. and L.Mus. programs, including those with keyboard or guitar as their principal instrument, are required to take MUSP 171 Keyboard Lab, unless exempt on the basis of a placement test. Students who are exempt from MUTH 111 through placement tests must still take MUSP 171 (unless exempt) since this course forms the foundation of keyboard-based musicianship tasks at upper levels. (All Majors in Jazz Performance substitute MUJZ 171 for MUSP 171. Students in Jazz Performance who have completed MUJZ 170 and MUJZ 171, and who transfer to a Department of Theory program, will be required to complete MUSP 171.) Students who do not achieve a continuation pass in MUSP 171 must reregister for the course in the semester immediately following. Students who do not achieve a continuation pass after repeating the course will not be allowed to proceed with further Musicianship or Theory studies until a continuation pass is achieved. Tests for MUSP 171 are held in August-September, December-January, and April-May [as well as during the Summer Session when course(s) offered], the exact dates determined by the Department of Music Research.

  • Course contents parallel with those of MUTH 151 and MUSP 141.

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