Residency Requirement

To obtain a B.A. & Sc., you must satisfy the following residency requirements: a minimum of 60 credits of courses used to satisfy the B.A. & Sc. requirements must be taken and passed at McGill, exclusive of any courses completed as part of the math and science requirements of the B.A. & Sc. Freshman/Foundation Year program. At least two-thirds of all departmental program requirements (multi-track, honours, interfaculty) must normally be completed at McGill, not including courses completed in a prior McGill degree. Exceptionally, students in major concentrations or interfaculty or honours programs who pursue an approved Study Away or Exchange program may, with prior approval from both their department and the Associate Dean, Student Affairs, Faculty of Science, be exempted from the two-thirds rule. In addition, some departments may require that their students complete specific components of their program at McGill.

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