GSFS 403 Feminisms and the Law (3 credits)

Offered by: Inst for Gender, Sex & Fem St (Faculty of Arts)


GSFS : Examines the relationship between feminisms and the law by drawing on feminist legal theory, feminist theories of jurisprudence, post coloniality, critical race epistemologies, and decolonizing methodologies for studying legal culture and law as a site of social struggles.

Terms: Fall 2024

Instructors: There are no professors associated with this course for the 2024-2025 academic year.

  • Prerequisite(s): GSFS 200 OR GSFS 250 and any GSFS 300 level course

  • Restriction(s): Not open to students who have taken WMST 501 when the topic was “Feminist Legal Theory”.

  • Students are required to take the intro course(s) and one GSFS course at the 300 level before taking GSFS courses at the 400 level.

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