BIEN 220 Introduction to Mechanics for Bioengineers (2 credits)

Offered by: Bioengineering (Faculty of Engineering)


BIEN : Fundamentals of statics covering basic mechanics topics with focus on bioengineering. Forces during dynamic motion, laws of mechanics, Newton’s laws of motion and mechano-functional biosystems. Applied load and deformation, stress and strain analysis for biological systems and implement computer aided design. Fundamentals of failure mechanics including Euler buckling, local buckling, plastic deformation will be studied. Practical problems in mechanics of biomaterials and biological systems.

Terms: Winter 2025

Instructors: Haldavnekar, Rupa (Winter)

  • Prerequisites: BIEN 200, BIEN 210

  • Restrictions: Not open to students who have taken MECH 210 prior to the winter 2024 term.

  • (2-1-3)

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