ANAT 365 Cellular Trafficking (3 credits)

Offered by: Anatomy and Cell Biology (Faculty of Science)


Anatomy & Cell Biology : This course explores the fundamental mechanisms that govern the organizations of intracellular membranes, how vesicle generation is signaled, how the membranes curve and bud, and how vesicles know where to go and fuse. In addition to intracellular vesicles, the principles of mitochondrial dynamics and process of cellular autophagy are examined. Also, there is a focus on "Applied Cell Biology", with respect to how the exquisite regulation of cellular transport plays a central role in complex biological systems. A series of modules will take students through the mechanisms of cellular polarity, neurotransmission, metabolic cell biology, pathogen invasion, and more. The emphasis is on the morphological aspects of the processes, and on the major techniques that led to discovery.

Terms: Fall 2024

Instructors: McBride, Heidi; Kennedy, Timothy E; Stroh, Thomas; Sossin, Wayne Steven; Estall, Jennifer; Zeytuni, Natalie (Fall)

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