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GEOG 496 Geographical Excursion (3 unités)

Offered by: Géographie (Sciences)

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Géographie : Lecture course on the geography of a region and excursion through the selected country or region including landscape interpretation and field study projects.

Terms: Hiver 2023

Instructors: Meredith, Thomas C (Winter)

  • Winter

  • Prerequisites: GEOG 290 and permission of instructor

  • Instructor's approval required.

  • A fee of $2650.25 in Winter is charged to all students registered in GEOG 496 Geographical Excursion. The course is held in Barbados, West Indies and is given during the last week of February (Study Break). The fee is used to support the cost of transportation, accommodations, local fees and some meals for ten days. Note that the trip to Barbados is compulsory if you enroll for GEOG 496

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